We are so thankful for the following Sponsors & Vendors!

Every sale we are happy to promote our local sponsors. These are wonderful community members who have a small business or service to offer. We are proud to support local small businesses and thank these great folks for supporting us, too.

Tracy Alford, Realtor

Helping people navigate their real Real estate transactions

 is my career, but it is also a means of ministry for me. It is my way of teaching and assisting my friends and family through quite possibly the highest dollar transaction you will ever be a part of. There are so

 many nuances involved in the process, many that vary from one situation to the next. My goal is to help you plan, prepare and execute your goals and to be comfortable doing it. I want to be the expert you pick to be on your side!

"Helping You Make The Right move!"

Tracy Alford, Realtor

Serving the Denver Metro Area

Call or Text: 


Email: TracyAlfordRealtor@gmail.com  

Pampered Chef with Sue Myers

About Sue Myers:

I like to help people use quality kitchen/grilling products to make meal time fast and easy. I started my business when I relocated to Colorado -- great people, great income, great travel, great fun!! 20+ years and I still love it! 

About Pampered Chef:

We celebrate the power that mealtimes have to become something more: a way to transform relationships, share stories, create traditions, and build happier and richer lives. But, with today’s expectations, we know finding the mealtime win can be difficult. We’re here to help bridge that gap between the ideal mealtime and the realities of today. We do this through our distinctive, high-quality kitchen tools, parties that show you how to make delicious, timesaving recipes, and the opportunity to join our supportive international community of more than 65,000 consultants.

Our Promise: 

Empowering mealtime wins in every kitchen.

Inspire Creativity in Everyday Cooking

More than just eating, sharing a meal is a chance to reconnect. We make mealtimes more enjoyable and relaxed, no matter your cooking skill.

Simplifying Mealtime
With our specially designed tools, delicious recipes, and timesaving techniques, you’ll have the confidence to make any mealtime a win.

Made to Last
We develop innovative, professional-quality, multiuse kitchen tools that stand the test of time, are meant to be used often, loved, and passed on.

City of Aurora Preschool

The city of Aurora Preschool Program provides a respected and affordable program that allows each child to realize their full leaning potential based upon their individual abilities. 

This is accomplished by:

  • Offering social/emotional, physical and academic experiences in a nurturing, safe and child centered environment
  • Embracing families as partners within our program and the early learning journey
  • Fostering children's opportunities to explore, play and learn
  • Developing life skills and kindergarten readiness                   
  • Providing knowledgeable, early childhood qualified teaching staff
  • Focusing on the whole child to offer positive hands-on experiences

Cherry Creek Early Childhood Education

The Cherry Creek Early Childhood Program is an inclusive program for children ages 3 to 5 years old.  This means we include children with special needs in all our classrooms. Through the diversity of age, ability, and culture we believe children learn about the varied people in our society. We value and welcome this diversity in our classrooms.

Our program focuses on the development of the whole child through active exploration and child initiated choices. Children learn best in a social environment in cooperation with children and adults. For this reason, our first focus is on the development of competent social skills and rich language. In this social environment, we incorporate cognitive experiences that are appropriate to the ages and development of young children.

We base our program on The Creative Curriculum which supports active learning, development of cognitive skills, literacy, language, math, science, and creative expression. These experiences provide a solid foundation for future academic skills.​

Z Ultimate Self Defense Studio- Smoky Hill

What Makes Us Unique

Most dojos (Japanese term for "school" or "training hall") offer group classes only. What makes us unique is our Dynamic Mastery Method of Instruction™ - world-class private instruction combined with age-specific group classes.

This format allows us to customize our programs to fit your age, skill, physical abilities and goals. This combination also allows students to learn and earn belt ranks at their fastest, most efficient speed instead of only learning as quickly as the slowest person in the group.

Hands of the Carpenter

Hands of The Carpenter (Hands) is a faith-based nonprofit community that uniquely serves working single moms by addressing the often overlooked issue of transportation. Hands provides automobile placement, repair and maintenance in an effort to relieve the enormous financial burden and related distress that automobile repair puts on this population and their opportunity for economic self-sufficiency.

OUR MISSION: Hands offers hope to single women with dependent children, while providing automobile services, partnering in their efforts to be employed and pursue economic self-sufficiency.

Goldfish Swim School

Swimming Lessons 
in Centennial East

A Fun, Engaging, and 
Safe Place to Swim

Since swimming is one of the most enjoyable ways to exercise, many parents want to instill healthy and safe swimming habits into their children early on. While learning how to swim can be a daunting task, especially for young ones, our team is here to make it a bit more manageable. At Goldfish Swim School - Centennial East, we’re here to make learning how to swim safe and fun for children of all ages. Our classes support students from just 4 months to 12 years, with no more than a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio. Every day, our experienced swim instructors are changing the way both children and parents think about swimming. Call our team today to arrange your child’s first swim lesson, or to just learn more about our award-winning and celebrated programs.

i9 Sports
​Aurora & Centennial

With over 3 million registrations in communities across the United States, i9 Sports® is the nation’s largest multi-sport provider focused solely on high-quality, community-based kids sports leagues. We offer recreational sports leagues, camps and clinics for boys and girls in today’s most popular sports such as flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, lacrosse and volleyball. Our coaches and instructors provide age-appropriate instruction that’s both fun for kids and convenient for busy families. We are committed to our mission of Helping Kids Succeed in Life Through Sports.® That’s why we teach sportsmanship values alongside skills and drills every week. 

To us, it’s simply The Way Youth Sports Should Be.®

In our kids sports leagues, no child will ever be excluded by a try-out, ride the bench for an entire game, or be cut from a team. Yes we keep score, but we have created a fun way to help kids develop athletic ability, a love of team sports, and an understanding that how you play the game is as important as the score. We don’t just help kids become better athletes, we help them become better people.

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